Top 10 Celebs Who Got Caught Cheating On Camera

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Top 10 Celebs Who Got Caught Cheating On Camera
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Trouble in paradise? You’d better believe it. For this list, we’re looking for instances in which celebrity infidelity was made public via paparazzi, social media and/or photo leaks. We’ve included stars like Robin Thicke, Hugh Grant and Tristan Thompson. Join WatchMojo as we count down the stars who were caught cheating on camera.

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10) Robin Thicke
9) Hugh Grant
8) Tristan Thompson
#7) Ryan Phillippe
6) TheDream
5) Jason Aldean
4) Katharine McPhee
3), 2) & 1)???

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Celebs Who Got Caught Cheating On Camera

  1. And some of these guys got away with it because their women didn’t leave them smh looking dumb af girls respect yourselves don’t do this

  2. Please ask Watchmojo to continue making your tops videos. But do not get involved in topics that you do not understand or know like Formula 1. They made a video about Formula One Top Top 10 drivers and did not include Lewis Hamilton and yes Sebastian Vettel. Way to make a fool of himself … Here is a selection of all the mistakes and accidents of the loser Vettel in this championship. Not including Hamilton, who is a pole position record holder and has brilliant statistics, demonstrates the ignorance in a subject that should have been better informed about it.
    Sebastian Vettel All Crashes & Fails of 2018

    Fernando Alonso: ‘Vettel is not in the same level as Lewis’

    Lewis Hamilton: Where does he rank on list of F1 champions?


    And here is the infamous Whatchmojo video … Excuse me but this is the only way that people understand that they either do things well and inform themselves or better not touch serious issues if they do not know anything about Formula 1

  3. In before the whiny man babies start complaining most of the people on the list are man. Big surprise most cheaters are guys, it’s just a fact. Most side pieces are woman, also a fact. Deal with it.

  4. Like said in the what if (the f word) movie. Love is dirty. Sometimes soulmates are found when people cheat and sometimes not. Love is not all just happy times

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