Top 10 Dumbest Facebook Posts – Part 7

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Top 10 Dumbest Facebook Posts – Part 7
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Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing Channel on the internet. I am your host Rebecca Felgate and it has been a really long time since this was a thing…but I’m talking to you about the Top 10 Dumbest Facebook Posts part 7. Okay, so dumb Facebook….. Danny has found it really hard to keep finding dumb tweets – there have been nearly 500 of them.. so for those of you that want and need a dumb fix I thought I would revive an old series for you – The top 10 dumbest Facebook posts. Can people get just as dumb on Facebook as they can on twitter? Are as many people around to witness the dumb… I guess there are around 4 and a half million of you here, so… Leave me a comment to let me know which you found the dumbest!

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Dumbest Facebook Posts – Part 7

  1. Does each stone in that bling-collection around your neck holds the souls of the guys that offered to buy you a drink?

  2. These and Dumb Twitter scare me more than any Top 10 Scariest video you guys have ever done. The fact that these walking brain-farts are running loose and exposing others to their stupidity horrifies me…

  3. This Creepy story just happened to me today I gonning to call it the salmonella story what happened was is my mom and my mom’s boyfriend’s mom both went to the store and they got some beef and when they got home with the beef my mom’s boyfriend she was looking at the receipt and oh my Lord if she did not read that receipt we would have been so sick on the receipt it said warning the beef may have salmonella and it can make you have an illness or make you get sick real badly this scared me so badly so for now on I and my whole family and going to be reading receipts when we ever go to the store anything you should learn from the story is always read your receipts when you’re buying any kind of meat or anything because we almost just got sick and probably could have died from eating food that was laced with salmonella

  4. Well. The Flat Earthers welcome Members from all Around the Globe. Also if the flat earthers think the earth is flat where is Australia? Because it is on the bottom? Fall off the world?

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