Top 10 Scary Items People Abandoned

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Top 10 Scary Items People Abandoned
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Now personally i am a hoarder i barely ever get rid of anything, even on my phone i have all my pictures and albums from high school still and I’m like but what if i wanna look back on it. I cant just delete things. Even at home I’ll keep things for sentimental reasons only when I’m about to throw them and the rest of the time i literally don’t even think about these things. And it’s like why are you like this Ayman? Why? Either way the things on this list were definitely left behind and i don’t know if you’ll think that’s a good or bad thing after you hear it. These are the Top 10 Scary Items People Abandoned.

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Scary Items People Abandoned

  1. Hey guys, sorry this is a reupload. The first video uploaded in the wrong format. We wanted to make sure you guys got to see this video!

  2. 4 NSFW: If you’re not old enough to know what I’m talking about don’t try and figure it out. How young do you have to be to not know? Like what under 10? I would think most 10-year-olds know what sex is, and prostitutes? I would think. So what 9 and under? Yeah, if you are under 10 you should not be watching any of these, my opinion.

  3. We found a secret room in the attic of my childhood home (it was once a doctors office and is now a historical site). In the room we found a clay flower-pot, a coat-hanger and something else (cant remeber sorry) the room was big and even had a window

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