Top 10 Scary Lost Tapes That Have Been Found

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Top 10 Scary Lost Tapes That Have Been Found
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The videos on this list are some of the most terrifying clips I have ever seen. A lot of these videos were found in abandoned buildings or hidden on somebody’s computer but all of these videos have a scary backstory. So prepare yourself because here are the top 10 scary lost tapes that have been found.

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15 thoughts on “Top 10 Scary Lost Tapes That Have Been Found

    1. As a woman who lives alone in an apt and the lock doesn’t work well these scared the crap out of me especially #2 i probably shouldn’t have watched this at night with all the lights off. Oh well i love horror movies and getting scared but this just took things to a whole new level. Thanks Landon i think I’ll be sleeping with the lights on tonight😀 this really is the most amazing channel on the internet

  1. The no through road one is not real. Those guys have made a few of those type of vid. They have a YouTube channel called Indrancol3

  2. psychopaths burning down a person’s house…I’m scared now! I can’t sleep!😭😭😭 but yet worth it!😄

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