10 Insane Theories About Area 51

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Ahh Area 51, a place of mystery and intrigue that us mere mortals can only dream about… unless we choose to raid it of course, but honestly that just seems like an awful idea. ANYWAY – here’s the goss on some alien boys. This is 10 Insane Theories About Area 51!

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14 thoughts on “10 Insane Theories About Area 51

  1. A few of these have some sense to them but the rest no. Think about this people, if alien ships were getting shot out of the sky don’t you think the people they came from would respond to that? As to if the to government has the right to keep secrets the answer is yes. Believe it or not people governments do need to keep secrets to keep advisories from find things out.

  2. The American people will always remember all these great men and women who lost their lives trying to clap alien cheeks on 9/20/2019. for their courage dedication and sacrifice

  3. my theories
    – Area 51 keep in secret the missing elements of the periodic table or some historical factc.
    – US army have their own satellites, but one other conspiracy theory claims that area 51 have control on all satellites in space.
    – Alternatively, the only weapons that can stop an alien invasion are located there.
    – Area 51 can be a base controlled by aliens and covered by guards.
    – Area 51 agents can order to aliens to kidnap or kill people in special missions.
    – Did you notice that Area 51 is the only base that has such large satellite dishes? Now imagine that it has a coded radio connection to aliens and secret satellites from another planet.
    – I have a new theory: No one gives aliens to be eyebrows, because if a random person sees them, non-captured aliens will read a person’s mind and come to invade the Earth.

  4. Interesting videos, but I miss mostly of your sentences’s end. The volume of your voice always go a lot quieter at the end

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