10 Real Vigilantes Who Thought They Were Above The Law

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We all wish we could be Batman (except with parents), but come on, let’s be sensible. These are 10 Real Vigilantes Who Thought They Were Above The Law…

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15 thoughts on “10 Real Vigilantes Who Thought They Were Above The Law

    1. Michael Volpi Vigilante justice sounds cool until you are on the receiving end of it. Especially if you are targeted unfairly because of a misunderstanding, manipulation or political interests.

      Take a look at the social justice infestation on social media and how people are being targeted with bogus claims of racism, prejudice and sexual misconduct outside the legal process.

      For every vigilante with a legitimate grievance and good intentions there is a hundred assholes who are itching to use force and violence to further their own interests.

    2. absolutely not. police are useless and corrupt. If something bad happened to a member of your family, you’d do something on your own, trust me.

    3. Alltime10s Phoenix Jones was actually respectful of the law and managed to save some people from criminals. But I doubt you wimps would have anything to say about that, would you?

  1. Vigilantism is very very important and getting stronger by the year,police across the worlds hands are tied while the dregs order,maim,steal

  2. We need vigilantism in the UK, people have no choice but to be victims as if you defend your self you’ll get sent down, criminals have weapons, the public is defenceless and the police don’t have the resources to even make a difference. So more people should take the law in their own hands

  3. I may not condemn the LGBT as they’re also human but I do not condone their actions of pushing the views of the community far out to irritate other societies

  4. Vigilantes should be allowed to use any means required so long as the targets meet certain conditions. 1: said person is known to have committed violence and has been left completely unpunished (Murder of these targets permitted). 2: if a hack finds immature content/pedophilia (physically dragging them to the police permitted). 3: Promoting terrorism (any means at the angry mobs disposal to dispose of these targets). although damn i give props to the lad that rammed a plane with a car to try stop a hijacking for doing something soo extreme that even i wouldn’t do it IN A MILITARY VEHICLE NO LESS

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